Links to Psychophysiology-Related Companies

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ANT - Advanced Neuro Technology, ANT offers high-quality and user-friendly systems widely used in neuroscience and neurodiagnostics
Beckman Instruments, provides research instrument systems
BESA, EEG and MEG software for research and clinical applications
BIOPAC Systems, Inc., Data Acquisition and Analysis Systems
Bio-Impedance Technology, Inc. produces software and instrumentation for Bio-electric Impedance Cardiography
Brain Products is a leading supplier for EEG Data Acquisition and Analysis Systems
BM-Science offers knowledge, expertise and methods of science for medical professionals, related industries, and individuals.
Contact Precision Instruments, Home of PSYLAB, complete systems for psychophysiology
Cortech Solutions, EEG / ERP and functional neuroimaging technology
Coulbourn Instruments, Manufactures a complete line of physiological instrumentation
Digi-Key Corporation "Your Ultimate Source for Quality Electronic Components!"
Electrical Geodesics, Inc., Creators of the Geodesic Sensor Net
Electronix Express, Home of Electronic Components and Equipment
ERTS, "changes any standard IBM-PC compatible computer into a high quality and reliable test station"
Grass Instruments, a Division of Astro-Med, Inc.
Illbruck-SONEX Industrial Acustic Products, Produces High-Quality Lab Soundproofing Materials
Intercare Diagnostics, Inc., biofeedback and other psychophysiology equipment
James Long Company. "Software and Hardware Solutions for Psychophysiological Research."
Keithley-Metrabyte "The Leader in PC-based Data Acquisition"
MindWare Technologies has specialized in developing systems for physiological signal acquisition and data analysis.
National Instruments (Creators of LabView, and other I/O interfaces).
Neurobehavioral Systems, provide software tools for clinical and research applications
Neurosoft, Inc., Home of Neuro Scan and Neuromedical Supplies
Physiometrix, Inc., "develops, manufacturers and distributes innovative solutions for complex neurodiagnostic and patient monitoring applications"
San Diego Instruments "manufactures and distributes behavioral testing systems for laboratory mice, rats, other animals, and for human research"
Source Signal Imaging, developers of the EMSE Suite, a Windows-based software toolkit for 4D multimodal functional brain imaging.
UFI "makes Quality Electronic Instruments for Research and Teaching in the Life Sciences"
VI-Master Lab, " Data acquisition systems for life sciences, research, education and industry"